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Take a look at what I can do:

Travel/Vacation Planning

I get it - you want to get the heck out of dodge, but vacation planning and research are daunting and take away from the vacation itself. Let me plan it for you. Give me the general info - 

What kind of vacay you're thinking and budget and I'll do the research, send over the options and book the trip - so that you can actually enjoy it.

Gift Purchasing

Your cousin in California just had a baby - you need a gift - something other than the generic Amazon blanket, please. I've got you covered. All I need is a budget and I'll hand pick something perfect, wrap it up, and ship it off.

Household Services

Your roof needs repair, you want a tree removed, you need the dining room painted before Thanksgiving, you need a new housekeeper - I get it, there's always something! My rule of 

thumb is 3 quotes. I'll find the professionals, get 3 quotes and present them to you so all you have to do is tell me when you want the job done. Cross that baby off your "to-do" list!

Home Organization

Messy closets filled with things you don't wear? I can help you pull out everything and decide what stays, what goes and what to do with what goes. Take it all out, try it on and toss what doesn't work anymore: send it to consignment or donate it. What goes back in will fit, look amazing, and be organized and easy to find.

Research is my specialty

Whether you're shopping for a new vacuum or a new car, I am a research rockstar. Give me your budget and I'll present you with the absolute best options based on customer reviews, professional reviews and much more. Know which one you want? I can take care of getting it for you as well.

Moving Services

Relocating? Moving is one of the most stressful events there is! But not with me by your side. I can help you find movers, a place to live, the best schools for the kiddos, even your local stores and services. I'll put it all together in an informative package and send it over. Your company might help you with some of this, but trust 

me when I tell you, I care more - about you, your personal taste and style, and your family.

And so much more...

I can take care of every project on your list. Simply give me a little info and I'll do the rest. In addition to the above, I can help with or plan an entire event, be your second opinion on interior design or formal wear, or find that obscure item you're looking for.  

How much does it cost?

I can price based on the project - if it is a timely or ongoing thing or I can price by the hour. Get in touch and I'll let you know exactly what it will be - no surprises. And believe me, it's well within reach!