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Why Sincerely Alexia?

I like to think it's the way I get things done. I always go back to an old family saying: "If you're going to do something, do it with love". I take the time to find out what really matters to you and what your true style is. I take that and combine it with my tastemaking - the end result creates a comfort zone and a place to turn when you need help with anything... from the tedious to the more important things in your life.

After graduating from NYU, I worked in the film industry for some of the biggest names in the field. People like Robert DeNiro, Lynda Obst (I was the only one she trusted to pick out the gifts she needed or do anything personal for her), Steve Buscemi (while working on Spy Kids 2, he could not believe I tracked down the phone he left in his cab and made sure it got back to him!), Ricardo Montelban (booked his travel from home with my fiancĂ© yelling "De plane boss" in the background - not funny!). 

I've also worked with Robert Rodriguez and Elizabeth Avellan. I was there for Demi Moore and Bruce Willis when they needed a babysitter for Rumer a loooong time ago, and many more. All of these experiences and interactions helped form the foundation for Sincerely Alexia and what we can accomplish together.